Supporting the Growth of the Child

Earth8ight teachers carefully observe the character and behavior of each child and prepare the most appropriate playing environment.

Child development differs not only by age, but also by the child’s character and developmental stage. Development of the physical body is important so by observing each child’s development and ability, the teachers create a curriculum that caters to each child’s developmental needs.

Earth8ight also values creating an environment where children can concentrate on what they are interested in. Some children enjoy imaginary play while others are interested in building blocks. Some children like to build blocks by themselves, some children like building with others, and some children like to play with what others created for them. If a child likes building blocks and the family wants the child to grow in concentration, the teachers create an environment in which the child can enjoy block play while fostering concentration. Customizing the curriculum for each child is this: Creating an environment that maximizes the opportunity to pull out each child’s potential .

Fostering self-confidence

There are times when children are nice and friendly towards their friends. There are other times when they fight for toys, and times when they want to say things that are seemingly selfish. But what needs to be kept in mind is that they say these things because their self-image is growing.

At Earth8ight, we do not consider children who have high abilities to be good and children that like to fool around as bad. We do not rate or evaluate children based on what they can do nor do we compare children with each other.

“You are special as you are.” We respect each individual with the way they currently are. When children experience that they are respected with the way they are, they are naturally strengthened and can continue to grow in what they are good at and what they are passionate about. Children’s self-confidence also continues to grow. They are able to grow in their strengths, not because adults persuade them or because they are pressured through compliments, but because they want to do it. Children are able to continue focusing on their strengths to the point that they are satisfied.

We think that the most important thing for young children is to experience acceptance and to support building a strong self-confidence.

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