Leaning with Hopes of the Family

When entering Earth8ight, we ask parents what they envision their family to be like and how they want their child to grow. By creating a time in which parents can talk about the families future and their child’s future, the families and teachers of Earth8ight are able to stand on a starting point to create a curriculum where each child’s characteristics and traits are put into consideration.

It takes a village to raise a child. By raising children, adults also grow. At Earth8ight, parents and teachers have a strong relationship in which worries and troubles can be consulted. By consulting with the teachers, parents can learn more about how to raise their child and can come up with a good solution that fits their family style. Our long-term goal is to support parents so that each family can eventually solve their own problems.



For those who wish to learn more about Earth8ight Preschool, open-houses and consultations are available. As a promotor of customized education, our consultations with the parents are held in the greatest importance. Therefore, we limit our consultations to two a day. Please fill out an appointment form, and our staff will be in contact as soon as possible.

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