Earth8ight English

  • ●At the time of graduation, children will read a book by themselves.

    When children graduate from Earth8ight, we hope that they can continue to learn English. In order to self-educate, we believe that the ability to read is the most important component. We begin with phonological awareness and continue into phonics and gradually lead to independent reading and reading comprehension. By observing international schools in and out of Japan and having a reading specialist as our English teacher team leader, we have come to this conclusion.

  • ●We do not force English on children.

    All of our English teachers are native English speakers, but our teachers do not force English on children. When we force English upon children, they will come to not enjoy English. Even when children respond back to the English teachers in Japanese, the teachers listen and try to understand what they are requesting or saying and create a relationship in a bilingual manner.

  • ●Being in an English environment for 7 hours a day.

    We strive to create an environment where English is the norm for children. Being in Japan, English is not readily heard in the community. Spending time with native teachers for 7 hours a day creates a mindset for children where English does not become a barrier in worldwide communication.

  • ●We value English, but also the mother tongue (Japanese).

    Earth8ight creates a bilingual environment in which it is natural that both Japanese and English are used in communication. We do not value teaching set English phrases to children, but we focus on each child being able to express their thoughts and emotions.

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