Parental Effectiveness Teaching and Earth8ight

The child-raising method called “Parental Effectiveness Teaching” (PET), first introduced by American clinical psychologist Thomas Gordon in the 1950`s, is a method that strives to form a relationship between parent and child based on mutual respect and effective communication skills, free of force or coercion. This is a method that can be applied not only to the parent-child relationship, but also to that of the spouse and those of the workplace. Earth8ight places great value in this method, providing PET seminars to all staff as well as interested parents of Earth8ight students.
An Earth8ight teacher respects the feelings and thoughts of the students, while respecting and conveying their own feelings and thoughts to the students as well. Applying what we have learned through PET, we interact with the children with an honest and open heart.

  • 光本 教秀
    ChairmanNorihide Mitsumoto

    Since birth I have been preparing to succeed the family business as the second generation. I always felt the difference between my upbringing and that of those around me, however I now feel gratitude towards the upbringing that has delivered me to where I am now. Everybody was born with different qualities and therefore aim towards different futures. Due to this fact, I hope that customized education widens the possibilities of the individual futures of all children.

  • 光本 舞
    Principal Mai Mitsumoto

    I want to walk together with not only the children, but the staff and families of Earth8ight on the road that is this one life we are given. Customized education like that of Earth8ight provides the opportunity to interact with each child on a one-on-one basis every day, and I treasure each of these days with all of my heart. Since my late teens I have been graced with a truly amazing number of opportunities in the field of child rearing and education, and now it is my greatest honor to be a part of Earthight preschool. I feel a deep gratitude towards the children and families who have made such an environment possible.

  • 石井 茉莉
    Mari Ishii

    I was raised first in Japan until the age of 3, and from there moved to Hong Kong and then on to America. I am a graduate of Harding University Graduate School of Educatio, with certification as a reading specialist. I feel truly honored to have made my first step in connecting with the greater world around me thanks to Earth8ight. Together with my fellow teachers and colleagues, I strive to make a bright, fun and cheerful learning environment at Earth8ight.

  • Sola Thorhallsson
    Sola Thorhallsson

    It is such an honor to be provided the opportunity to teach children English from such an early age. I was drawn to Earth8ight by the appeal of teaching English through play, and I work to create a fun and energetic learning environment for the children. As an American, I enjoy conveying to the children the values and customs with which I was raised, and watching the children blend them with those of their native Japanese environment.

  • Sbani Jessica
    Sbani Jessica

    Imagination, wonder, and kinship are just a few of the aspects of life I find most important, especially for kids. I've worked with kids my whole adult life, from being a camp counselor to working at Walt Disney World. So, it's a unique situation to be able to use my skills to help children have more opportunities to flourish with these (and many other) points. I'm also grateful gaining vast amount of knowledge concerning child development as well as relationships (in general) while working here at Earth8ight. It's a great feeling, loving your job and wanting to make an impact at work. I look forward to making lasting memories with everyone!

  • Sbani Jessica
    Linda Gilaizeau

    A child is not a vase to be filled, but a fire to be lit' said Renaissance French writer François Rabelais. As a child, I lived in various countries with my parents (Cameroon, Indonesia) and so I had the chance to discover new languages and new cultures. This openend my mind to the world and I would like to share this experience with children. I graduated from Sorbonne University in Paris, France, and my main interest is teaching languages (English and French), Art History and Archaeology (my 2 majors). I taught English and French to adults and children in Japan some years ago and I am happy to be back to share more things with children. As a French, I hope I can bring a little 'French touch' to Earth 8 and share my culture with the children and teachers while learning theirs.

  • 船引 栄
    Sakae Funebiki

    I have raised three children, and have been blessed with five grandchildren since. At Earth8ight, I value each child as an individual, and wish to watch over them with warmth and kindness. I`d like to consider the children of Earth8ight as a second family, and I work to create a nurturing learning environment in which that family can grow.

  • 清水 恵理子
    Eriko Shimizu

    I work to create an environment in which the children can becoming fully involved from the moment they arrive in the morning until the moment they leave at the end of the day. From the toys provided to the activities planned, down to every detail I hold the creation and preparation of an invigorating learning environment as one of my most precious tasks. Children really hold an interest in so many aspects of the world around them. I want to share in all of these daily experiences, and together with the children, learn and grow as a both a teacher and a person.

  • 尾川 裕子
    Yuko Ogawa

    Until this point I have worked as a preschool teacher for 10 years. However, upon joining Earth8ight, I realized I still have so much more to learn as a teacher. Using picture books, story boards, paper doll performances and so on, I enjoy discussions on various topics with the children. I challenge myself to provide experiences that foster the children`s creative abilities and imaginative skills in every way I can.

  • 佐田野 加奈
    Kana Sadano

    “The possibilities of children are endless”. These are the words that the founder of the Copel Program held dear to his heart. Personally, I want to work to understand each child as an individual and continue to believe in their unique and endless possibilities. “We are all different and are all wonderful” were some of Japanese poet and songwriter Kaneko Misuzu`s favorite words. I have taken these words to heart in my interactions with the children. In this way, the people of the world can come to understand each other, and create both a world based on happiness and peace.

  • 河東 由美
    Yumi Kawahigashi

    I grew up in nearby Kurashiki. Since my children were born I have been a stay-at-home mom, but thanks to my encounter with Principal Mitsumoto and the PET instructor Eiko Ezaki, I have been granted the opportunity to become a Copel instructor. I have spent every day since enjoying my lessons and interactions with the children at Earth8ight. Every summer I participate in the tradition Uraja festival dances with my daughter, beginning practice in spring. I have recently picked back up my old hobby of tennis, and am working to live a more active lifestyle in every way I can.

  • 菅谷 揚子
    Yoko Sugaya

    I was raised in Kochi prefecture, but have lived in Okayama since my university years. In my work affiliated with early education and educational literature, I came to truly understand the importance of a child`s earliest years. Therefore, upon Earth8ight`s opening, my son has been attending their Copel lessons. Witnessing my own son`s personal growth through his accomplishments in Copel, I decided to become a Copel teacher myself. In the spring of 2017 I accomplished this goal, and work to share these wonders with as many children as possible.

  • 清田 祐子
    Yuko Kiyota

    As a system engineer, I construct and manage Earth8ight`s interface system. I began Earth8ight`s newsletter “Codmon”, which delivers daily reports of each individual child`s growth and interactions at Earth8ight to the families of every child. While analyzing the children`s growth data and creating a preschool curriculum data base, I am working to build an ever more innovative interface system in the field of education. For the sake of the future of our children, I will work with passion to exhaust every possibility for an ever expanding knowledge base in the field of early childhood education.

  • 澤 貴廣
    ManagerTakahiro Sawa

    Partly inspired by my great-grandfather who was a school principal, as far back as I can remember my family has centered its conversation solely on the topic of education. I personally hold a strong interest in nature, and I have explored many aspects of both Japanese and World Education to this day. As with our ever evolving world, Earth8ight is also constantly evolving and bringing fresh innovations to its curriculum. In twenty years to come, my greatest anticipation is to see the children of today become the leaders of tomorrow; individuals who can find success anywhere in the world, overcoming any border or obstacle that comes their way.

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